Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daredevil: Return of the King

I've said many times that Witchblade is my favourite read at the moment and one of our readers challenged me on this by saying 'I thought your favourite was Daredevil?'

Correct, Daredevil is my favourite character and is always a quality read - month in, month out. Writer Ed Brubaker, artists Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano, and colourist Matt Hollingsworth never let the reader down. Every month it's a 9 (sometimes a 10) out of 10 - there's never anything less than an excellent issue. Because it's consistently great my expectations are consistenty high and, if I'm honest, I sometimes take the title for granted.

The last couple of issues (#116 and #117) mark the start of the Return of the King story arc. King of crime, The Kingpin Wilson Fisk returns from exile in Europe - his new life and family destroyed by The Hand - and offers Daredevil an unlikely alliance: combine their 'talents' and get revenge over The Hand.

I loved the way #117 ended - Daredevil meets Fisk in a cemetery, heavy snow is falling, Fisk puts his proposal to Daredevil who, having considered it asks 'And what about after. Where does that leave us?' to which Fisk replies 'Hnnh ...That's what I like about you ... you don't realize what an optimist you truly are ... I wasn't planning to survive ...'. Superb.

Marvel have published some preview pages - click here to see them.

If you're not currently reading Daredevil, this story arc would be a good jumping on point - highly recommeded. As always I recommend Destination Venus for your comic book supplier.