Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cyberforce/Hunter Killer #1

Top Cow have published this five issue mini-series as the 'Summer's Hottest Event Series' - based on this first issue, they're not going to disappoint:

"Top Cow’s technology based teams collide in a critical crossover event that will have everyone talking this summer!

The Hunter-Killer team’s directive to hunt down and detain rogue Ultra-Sapiens brings them head to head with the Cyberforce team in a brutal showdown that leaves more than one member bleeding. But who is manipulating these two teams into conflict and to what end?

The team of writer and Hunter-Killer co-creator Mark Waid and artist Kenneth Rocafort bring you a crossover filled with epic action, intrigue, lies, and betrayal."

For a new or occasional reader like myself this was an excellent 'set up' issue. Over the twenty story pages we learn about the characters that make up the two 'teams' - Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer - and a little about what's bringing them together.

In his 'Letter from the Publisher' Filip Sablik explains that 'the heart of the Cyberforce story is how integrated technology has become in our lives and how those who control technology control us ...' and 'at the center of the Hunter-Killer story is how government is filled with people who believe they know what is best for us ... they do horrible things in the name of protecting us ...'.

Not being that familiar with the two teams, as I say, on first reading I found myself looking for the nice guys and then the not-so-nice guys so I knew who to side with. It then occurred to me that the dynamic of the teams is more complex - less right or wrong - than that. With that realisation in mind a second read through was even more enjoyable. I want to be 'worked' by my reading, I want a story that takes me one way and then, just as I feel comfortable, throws me in a completely different direction. That's what I got with this issue.

It looks like we're in for a challenging, complex storyline, great character development with attractive, distinctive, artwork from creators Mark Waid and Kenneth Rocafort.

The issue includes a six page preview for The Darkness/Pitt by Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown along with the regular page of Top Cow 'World Moos'.

We're also introduced to a new communications device called
The Jett ...

An excellent first issue - recommended.

Cyberforce/Hunter Killer #1
Written by Mark Waid, art by Kenneth Rocafort, colours by Sunny Gho
Covers by Kenneth Rocafort, Mike Choi & Sonia Oback
Published by Top Cow, July 2009, $2.99

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