Sunday, October 11, 2009

Creator Spotlight: Simon Breeze

featured image: Chewbacca - Droid Hunt on Hoth by *Scruffy-Nerf-Herder

Regular visitors to Escape From Tomorrow will know that for a while now I've been following the work of up-and-coming artist and writer Simon Breeze.

Under the pseudonym of Scruffy-Nerf-Herder
Simon's deviantART gallery is one of my favourites alongside the likes of Ben Templesmith, Skottie Young, Mike Mayhew, David Yakayama and Stjepan Sejic.

With an interest in science fiction and fantasy art from a young age that started with a copy of 2000AD, Simon has worked on various projects from advert design and concepts to movie art and screen plays, to comics, novels and character concepts and designs.

As you'd expect with such a pseudonym, Star Wars plays a large part in Simon's creations and he's clearly also a big Doctor Who fan having self-published an excellent short story called Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever. You can read the story free of charge online by clicking on the graphic at the foot of this post - I recommend it!

He recently launched a new blog - - that features the latest creations, comments and a little personal background information: you can follow it through the Escape From Tomorrow bloglist on the right. Throughout the gallery and blog I particularly enjoy reading about and seeing his creative process: from initial concept, through development to finished piece.

As I say, Simon Breeze has been one of my favourite creators for a while now and it seems to me his work is getting stronger and more confident - if you're not familiar with his work check it out (and remember you heard about him first at Escape From Tomorrow!).

Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever by Simon Breeze

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