Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fringe Returns

Just a quick reminder to readers in Britain that Fringe returns to our screens tomorrow evening on Sky 1 at 10pm.

I've said before just how much I enjoyed the first series which I thought was on the whole nicely written with some excellent performances from a strong cast.

As a viewer I've appreciated that the writers have - so far at least - avoided going down the 'soap opera' route that I feel so many series take when they increasingly make more and more of their storylines rely on the relationships (and by that I mean romance!) of the central characters: for me, continuing to avoid such lazy and predictable plot developments will be one of the challenges of the second series.

The first episode of the new series on Sky 1 is immediately followed by a 'behind the scenes' style programme that promises to 'pick the brains of Fringe's wildly imaginative writers [and] speak to the cast ... on a revealing Vancouver set visit'.

A welcome return to brighten our winter evenings. Now, when does the new series of 24 start?