Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wait is Over: Titanium Rain is Here!

For readers here in Britain the wait is finally over - the double-size issue #1/#2 of Titanium Rain arrives in stores today!

I had email confirmation from my mail-order comic shop on Tuesday that the book was showing on their on-line invoice meaning it'll be with them today, ready to dispatch to me and, current postal-strike permitting, delivered within a few days.

Titanium Rain is published by Archaia Studios Press and the result of the combined efforts of Josh Finney and Kat Rocha and is the pair's second venture into the comic book world, the first being the groundbreaking Utopiates series published by Bloodfire Studios.

Josh is the writer and lead artist on the book and, along with writing the story, he is also responsible for the panel layouts, digital painting, 3D graphics, graphic design, lettering, and concept art. Kat's role in the process is as penciler and flatter.

Also of interest for readers in Britain will be news from that the hardcover version of Titanium Rain is now available for pre-order with an expected release date of 9 December 2009 - the book has been listed on for a while now. As I've posted before, the book compiles the first four chapters of the story, and offers over 50 pages of never before seen extras including: Operation Duplicity - an 8 page bonus story; Aircraft specs; Jade, Jape and US Propaganda; a Conflict Map; The Prometheus Files feature; 8 pages of collected articles; Embedded - a 9 page bonus story and Jape Declaration of War

Over at the Titanium Rain blog
The Hanger Kat mentions a couple of upcoming book signings in San Diego that will certainly be of interest to anyone in that area as well as highlighting a interview that Josh did with Comic Book Resources - click here to read what is a lengthy and very interesting feature.

I've written about Titanium Rain a number of times in recent months -
click here to read my comments including an extensive review of the first double-size issue - and needless to say I'm already a huge fan of Josh and Kat's work.

If you like the combination of great writing and superb artwork - and who doesn't? - then you'll want to pick up these books: you won't be disappointed!