Monday, November 9, 2009

Out This Week - Titanium Rain Double-Sized #3/#4

Hot on the heels of last months Titanium Rain #1/#2, the double-sized Titanium Rain #3/#4 arrives in stores this week.

High in the skies over war-torn China, Alec's fight for survival has become desperate. With his plane badly damaged and his wingman killed, all odds are against him as two enemy Dracos close in for the kill. Will Alec make it home in one piece, or be forced to eject over enemy territory? And what were the world events that spiraled into the Sino Conflict? All is revealed in this double-sized issue containing issues #3 and #4!

Titanium Rain
Created by Josh Finney and Kat Rocha, 48 pages full colour, published by Archaia.

Over at there are a number of cover and interior art preview pages to view - they look great and I'm really looking forward to receiving my copy later this week.

Further Titanium Rain news: if you're in San Diego, CA, next month there's an opportunity to meet with the creators of Titanium Rain - Josh and Kat will be visiting Rising Sun Creations on Saturday 5 December.

Of particular interest to those of us in the UK, I'm pleased to see a number of additional online retailers stocking the forthcoming Titanium Rain hardcover edition. Following news that are stocking the title I've now seen it featured at both The Book Depository and WOTNIX making it even easier to pick up the book.