Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Stores Today: Witchblade #132

In stores today is Witchblade #132 - the first page of a 2-part story-arc entitled The Bridge.

A quiet, romantic weekend in New England turns into a terrifying mystery when Sara and Gleason are pulled into an investigation of missing children. But is this a simple missing persons case or has the Witchblade been drawn to another supernatural crime?

Written of Ron Marz with interior and cover art from Stjepan Sejic with a variant cover from Nelson Blake II.

Following the events of the six-part War of the Witchblades story-arc this book just keeps getting stronger and from the preview pages available at the Top Cow Reader Sejic's art looks better than ever.

Witchblade #132, 32 pages, $2.99, published by Top Cow Productions


Simon Breeze said...

After reading this post I felt more than a little annoyed at myself for falling so far behind with my Witchblade reading. I’ve been following your posts on Withchblade closely and it was your own enthusiasm for the title that gave me the nudge I needed to jump into the world of Sara Pezzini and the Withchblade. I could kick myself in the pants even more now after having a look at the Top Cow Reader linked in your post and the stunning art of Stjepan Sejic that graces the pages, he has such a great style, and as all Top Cow artists, is very good at drawing the girls. Ron Marz’s writing on the title is as good as ever and the preview pages on the reader have really made me want to know more, especially that first page. The creepy forest bathed in the eerie moon light and that HUGE creature lurking from the misty woods, it really got the hairs on the back of my neck on end. I just now have to pull my finger out and catch up!