Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Darkness: Shadows and Flames

I'm currently really enjoying reading Top Cow's The Darkness - I read it in trade and over time I've gone back to the first issue and started reading from there.

As I've mentioned before I've been picking up some of the Top Cow one-shots featuring The Darkness and there's another interesting offering coming next month - The Darkness: Shadows & Flames.

Last week Newsarama featured an interesting interview with Rob Levin, the writer of The Darkness: Shadows & Flames, in which he spoke about his story including some of the mythological elements of The Darkness.

Levin, who is author of last years The Darkness: Butcher and artist Jorge Lucas tell the story of a man who is a shadow of his former self. Set in New England in 1897, Salvador Gomes finds his life at a cross-roads following the tragic death of both his wife and his daughter. Alone, with only his thoughts and fears to keep him company, Gomes discovers what he calls The Shadow God and tries to bargain with him – no matter what the price.

Elsewhere in the interview Levin touches on his time as an editor at Top Cow, the responsibility he feels when working with The Darkness and reveals that he's got more Jackie Estacado to tell.

The Darkness: Shadows & Flames
Written by Rob Levin with interior art and cover by Jorge Lucas
Published by Top Cow Productions, 32 pages, $2.99, January 2010