Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yuletide Felicitations!

Snow is falling all around me
Children playing having fun
It's the season of love and understanding ...

Over the past nine months or so that I've been posting at Escape from Tomorrow I've had the privilege of corresponding with numerous writers, artists, visitors to the blog, filmmakers, comic book readers, podcasters, bloggers and publishers and it's truly been my great pleasure to meet every one of you. Thanks for your time, your encouragement and your friendship.

I've got some time-off from my work over the next week or so and, as well as spending time with friends and family, I'm looking forward to catching up on my 'to be read' pile of books as well as a couple of trips to the cinema - Avatar and Sherlock Holmes are on the agenda. I'll be taking a short break from posting until early next week at which point I'll return with a few 'highlights' from 2009 along with the usual mix of news, opinion, reviews and previews.

... Merry Christmas Everyone!

image credit
Gotham After Midnight #8
DC Comics, 2008