Friday, January 22, 2010

Batgirl/Red Robin Crossover

At the risk of appearing like I only read the Bat-books ('too late' I hear you cry!) another quick post to point you again in the direction of Newsarama where they interview Brian Q. Miller and Christopher Yost about the forthcoming Batgirl and Red Robin crossover.

Beginning with Batgirl #8 and continuing into Red Robin #10, the crossover will see the two against Ra's Al Ghul as the Bat-titles head toward the return of Bruce Wayne.

Christopher Yost sets up the cross-over: "Red Robin dealt the League of Assassins a major blow by crippling their world-wide computer network and doing a fair amount of damage to Ra's al Ghul's real estate holdings globally. And Ra's isn't so happy about it. So he's going 'eye for an eye' with the Bat-family. As Red Robin attacked Ra's world, Ra's is going to attack Gotham.

He's not even being coy about it. He flat out tells Red Robin that he's coming after everything and specifically everyone that Bruce Wayne ever cared about. He's going to assassinate key figures in Bruce and Tim's lives. And Tim knows he could use some help. And who does he find in the Batcave?"

Read the interview in full by clicking here.