Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out Today - Daredevil #504

Out today, issue #504 of Daredevil.

The first story arc from the creative team of Andy Diggle (Thunderbolts) and Roberto De La Torre (Iron Man) reaches its shattering climax.

Backed-up by the ruthlessly loyal ninja army known as The Hand, Daredevil declares war on a murderous cadre of dirty NYPD cops - and Hell's Kitchen is the battleground!

But can Foggy Nelson and Dakota North find out who's really behind the recent spiral of violence before the city burns?

Source: Marvel

Comic Book Resources have published a number of preview pages from the issue.

Always a good read, I don't think I've ever enjoyed this book more than I am at the moment.

Daredevil #504
Written by Andy Diggle, art by Roberto De La Torre, cover by Esad Ribic
Published by Marvel Comics, $2.99


Josh said...

Well, I bought 501, but didn't end up reading it. But it sounds like the series is going pretty good right now, so I'm gonna catch up.

Zaius said...

Good - You won't be disappointed!