Monday, January 4, 2010

Riese the Series - Chapter 1 Concludes Today

Today sees the final episode in the first chapter of the steampunk fantasy webseries Riese the Series.

Through the four episodes so far released we've followed our heroine Riese as she tries to evade capture from the mysterious group known as The Sect, whilst at the same time she tries to learn more about their activities.

In episode 1, entitled 'Hunt', Riese is on the run, frightened, injured and under attack from a menacing and mysterious group. With memories of her past haunting her, Riese eventually reaches the township of Helmkin where she is overcome by her injuries.

Episode 2, 'Fragments', opens twenty-four hours later as Riese wakes in the township hospital. Sensing all is not well she gathers her few belongings, and some medical supplies, and looks for a way out of the facility. Wandering the corridors she observes the medical staff caring for a room full of new-born babies. Interrupted by the doctor who had earlier treated her, she witnesses a distraught young woman confront the man, claiming her baby was taken from her.

Episode 3, entitled 'Bind', sees Riese, still haunted by nightmares of her own past, set out to investigate Helmkin's dark secret. Meanwhile the doctor receives an unwelcome visitor demanding answers about the 'foreigner'. Breaking back into the hospital Riese discovers more evidence of involvement from The Sect.

Onto episode 4, 'Spares', and away from the medical facility Riese breaks into a warehouse where she witnesses some disturbing scenes. Desperate to stay one step ahead of her pursuers she creates a diversion and flees with some valuable information.

Throughout the series I've been impressed with the quality of the acting, writing and production and my only regret is that, at around nine minutes, the episodes aren't longer - I've been intrigued and entertained while at the same time wanting more: surely a sign of great sequential story-telling!

The final episode of this first chapter is entitled 'Dawn' and will premiere at the Riese the Series website today where you can also catch up on the previous four episodes.