Monday, May 31, 2010

Phil Noto at the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo

Over the course of this week I've got one or two more quick 'wrap-up' items that I'd like to share following the recent Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo.

First up, Phil Noto - I've been a fan of Phil Noto's work for a while now and, for my tastes, his work reached new heights with the first 3 covers for the new series of Batgirl - very distinctive and very, very stylish ...

I was delighted to see that Phil Noto was appearing at the Bristol Expo and on the day of the event took my place in the long, long queue in the hope of just a few words and an autograph on the cover of my copy of Batgirl #1: in the end I was very fortunate to get the autograph I wanted and a few words - and so much more ...

Mr Noto appeared pretty pleased when I asked for a 'Stephanie Brown as Batgirl' sketch and I love what he's produced here - I feel there's a real sense of calm across Stephanie's face and, almost contrary to that calm, a feeling of excitement and energy in her eyes. I also like the Bat shield that he added to finish the piece off.

More 'souvenirs' and reflections from the Bristol Expo later in the week.