Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out this Week from Top Cow: Magdalena #2 and Witchblade Volume 7

There's a couple of releases of particular interest from Top Cow this week.

First up is the second issue of the new ongoing series of Magdalena - following the positive reception to issue #1, which sold out at distributor level, Magdalena returns with a story that begins on the island of Elba and then transfers to the Vatican City.

Comic Book Resources have published a number of very nice preview pages from Magdalena #2.

Magdalena #2

Patience, the current Magdalena, and her mentor Kristof fight for their lives against a demonic horde. Even if she survives the encounter, Patience must decide if the Church is merely luring her back like a lamb to the slaughter ...

Written by Ron Marz with pencils by Nelson Blake II, inks by Sal Regla and colours by Dave McCaig with a cover by Ryan Sook
Published by Top Cow Productions, 16 June 2010, $3.99

On the same day the next volume - volume 7 - of Witchblade is released. The collection features issues #121-#124 of Witchblade, the lead story from Witchblade Annual #1, and the 16-page Free Comic Book Day story.

Once again,
Comic Book Resources have published a preview of this Witchblade collection.

Witchblade, Volume 7

The new era of Witchblade featuring the team of writer Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic continues! The pair committed to staying on the title until at least issue #150 and their second complete arc together entitled “Crown Heights” is collected in this trade paperback. More importantly this storyline sets the stage and leads directly into “War of the Witchblades”. Collects Witchblade #120-#124 plus a cover gallery featuring Stjepan Sejic, Matt Haley, Tyler Kirkham, and plenty of bonus materials.

Written by Ron Marz with art by Stjepan Sejic
Published by Top Cow Productions, 16 June 2010, $14.99

Finally, Ron Marz has written at some length about both of these titles over at his blog -
Message from Marz - including some early news of Witchblade volume 8.