Monday, July 12, 2010

X-Men Origins: Deadpool

Following in the footsteps of Emma Frost, Beast, Gambit and Colossus for the one-shot 'Origins' treatment this week is none other than ... Deadpool.

X-Men Origins: Deadpool
Written by Duane Swierczynski, pencils by Leo Fernandez with a cover by Mark Brooks
'Deadpool: The Major Motion Picture' - You may have heard there's a Deadpool movie in the works. Anyway, Wade Wilson's heard the same thing - and he's determined to tell his own story before Hollywood screws it up. Deadpool even hires his own screenwriter, who manages to get the Merc With a Mouth to open up like never before-revealing not only his origin story, but shocking details you've never heard before. We're talking Oscar(TM)-worthy stuff here, people. That is, unless Hollywood manages to screw it up anyway ... One-Shot/

Published by Marvel Comics, 14 July 2010 $3.99 Parental Advisory

Could be great fun, could be a train-wreck - ultimately I guess it depends on whether you enjoy the way Deadpool is written - X-Men Origins: Deadpool is in shops this week.