Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dustin Nguyen Joins the Batgirl Team

DC Comics have announced that from issue #15 artist Dustin Nguyen will join writer Bryan Q. Miller on Batgirl.

Speaking to The Source Dustin Nguyen said “This is definitely going to be an exciting venture for me, besides the outline Bryan has for us, I’m just plain excited to be drawing Batgirl”.

Mr Nguyen went on to say “This latest incarnation of her has lots of the aesthetics of the original Babs that I love and some new ones. It’ll take me some getting used to drawing a female in horns, but I’m looking forward to putting away the “mean and moody” for a while and kick in the ‘fun and sexy.’”

With current artist Lee Garbett's year-long run from the books inception coming to an end with issue #14 there's been plenty of speculation as to who would be taking over artistic duties: Pere PĂ©rez has been working with Lee Garbett on recent issues of Batgirl, I've been enjoying his work and, like a number of people, I assumed he'd be working on the book going forward.

I'm looking forward to seeing Dustin Nguyen's work on Batgirl: I'm a huge fan of Lee Garbett's work - and I'm looking forward to seeing his next 'top-secret' projects - and although he has a quite different style I've appreciated Dustin Nguyen's art on Batman: Streets of Gotham and I'm looking forward to seeing his interpretation of Stephanie, Barbara, et al.

Referring to the sneak peak look at Dustin Nguyen's cover - shown here - for Batgirl #15 series writer Bryan Q. Miller warned that the scene would be "one of the last truly quiet moments our Batgirl is going to have for quite a while. But she’s ready for it - you can tell from the look on her face. That’s Steph for you — always smiling!".

Batgirl #15 is due in shops during November this year.

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