Saturday, August 7, 2010

Superman/Batman Becomes Supergirl/Robin for Halloween

When I posted some of the October Batman solicitations recently one title that slipped my attention was Superman/Batman: for no reason at all - except for a limited budget perhaps - it's one of the Batman titles that I don't usually pick up.

That'll change for the October issue though after I read an interview that Newsarama's Vaneta Rogers had with writer Joshua Williamson during which he spoke about his story that sees Supergirl and Robin - Damian Wayne - rather than Superman and Batman take the leading roles.

Williamson sets the scene for the unlikely team-up as 'Supergirl sees a horrible crime and goes to get Batman’s help but finds Damian instead. Damian demands that Supergirl let him help, and away we go with a story of unlikely partners trying to catch a killer.'

One of the qualities I've been particularly enjoying in the current series of Batgirl is Bryan Q. Miller's portrayal of young Damian Wayne - 10 years old, knows everything, doesn't take kindly to being given advice ... - and his relationship with Batgirl Stephanie Brown, and I can see potential for a similarly fun storyline and relationship between Damian and Supergirl.

Superman/Batman #77
Written by Josh Williamson with art and cover by Ale Garza
Something evil is haunting Supergirl! But whatever's causing the disturbance is nothing compared to what she's about to run into in Gotham City when she seeks help from the new Robin, Damian. Can these two get along long enough to stop the nightmares plaguing Metropolis? Find out in this special Halloween issue!
Published by DC Comics, 20 October 2010, 32 pages, colour, $2.99