Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Third Printing for Artifacts #1

The news from Top Cow is that the first issue of Artifacts - written by Ron Marz with art from Michael Broussard, Rick Basaldua, Sal Regla and Sunny Gho - has again sold out ... which means the book is heading for a third printing - that's a first for a Top Cow book.

This third printing version of Artifacts #1 will feature this fantastic wraparound cover from the supremely talented Michael Broussard

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If you've not picked up the issue so far and thought you'd missed your chance - think again! Furthermore, Top Cow have released the Artifacts zero issue, previously issued as part of the Free Comic Book Day promotion, in its entirety for online publication - head on over to
Newsarama or CBR (amongst others).

I've posted many, many times in the past about my enjoyment of Top Cow's titles and one of the things I appreciate about their books - aside from great writing, superb art and sensible pricing - is the publishers willingness and drive to make their books available to as large a readership as possible, and here's another fantastic example of exactly what I mean.

If, like me, you're already a fan of the Top Cow Universe then you're probably already picking up this title. If you're not then there really has never been a better time to jump onboard.


LOS ANGELES, Calif., August 31, 2010 – Top Cow Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that the first issue from their mega-event series, Artifacts, has sold out for a second time at Diamond and will head back to the printers for a third printing to meet demand, a first in Top Cow history.

The dynamic pairing of writer Ron Marz (Witchblade) with the art team of Michael Broussard (The Darkness), Rick Basaldua (The Darkness), Sal Regla (Magdalena) and Sunny Gho of IFS (Velocity) delivers one of the most accessible and engaging event series to date.

”The rapid sales velocity on Artifacts #1 has been incredibly gratifying and a testament to the fantastic work that the entire creative team of Ron Marz, Michael Broussard, Rick Basaldua, Sal Regla, and Sunny Gho have been doing,” commented Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, “We’ve never gone to a third printing, but this is our biggest event to date and we want our retail partners to know that we are fully behind it.”

"Obviously I'm thrilled we're going go to a third printing of Artifacts #1,” said Marz. “Huge thanks to the readers and retailers for supporting the book. The most gratifying aspect to the whole thing is that a lot of new readers are trying out Artifacts, finding it absolutely accessible, and using it as their gateway into the Top Cow Universe."

Bringing together a number of plot threads from all over the Top Cow Universe the past few years, Top Cow’s first foray into a universe-tying event has been well-received across comic book and pop culture communities, including Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, Comic Vine, iFanboy, Techland, USA Today and many, many more taking notice.

Artifacts #1 3rd Printing, a 32-page full color comic book for $3.99, will be in stores September 22, 2010. The saga continues with Artifacts #2 arriving in stores the same day.