Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Publisher Spotlight - Kult Creations

Over the course of the next week or so we're going to turn the 'publisher spotlight' on Kult Creations and publisher John A. Short.

Escape from Tomorrow had the pleasure of briefly chatting with John at the recent Exeter Comic Expo, finding out a little about his background and some of his goals for Kult Creations.

John has been creating and writing comics for more than 15 years and his comics have been published in countries as far and wide as the United States, France, Italy, Holland, Spain and, of course, his native Britain. Perhaps best known as the writer of the award-winning mini-series Octobriana from Revolution Comics he's also created Brit Starr, Cross, Armageddon Patrol, The Sixpenny Murder and Loxley to name just a few.

To quote the Kult Creations 'mission statement':

Kult is here to market and promote our own creations. We may not have the resources to get them into every shop on the planet ourselves (not yet anyway) but we plan to build the support for a strong group of creator owned characters and then find the bigger outlets we need to bring them to a wider audience. That might just mean larger comics companies (with access to bigger distributors) or it might mean book publishers, or film and TV producers ... Who knows? Watch this space!

[Kult Creations website]

There we have it: great writing, fantastic artwork, plenty of ambition and a love of comics. Over the coming week we'll be looking at a couple of Kult Creations titles - the aforementioned Cross and The Sixpenny Murder - in more detail.