Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coming Soon from Image - Morning Glories Volume 1: For a Better Future

Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. But behind its hallowed doors, something sinister and deadly lurks. When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers in a place where nothing is what it seems to be!

Off the back of hearing about sell-out issue after sell-out issue I recently picked up the first issue - in fact it was the fourth printing of the first issue! - of Shadowline and Image Comics' Morning Glories.

One word to describe it? Fantastic.

When I first saw the title solicited I thought it sounded interesting but for whatever reason, and I'm genuinely not sure why, I didn't pre-order it. With so many good titles available at the moment I've found myself falling behind on my reading and I think I felt I just couldn't commit to another monthly title.

Anyway, after reading the first issue and regretting that perhaps the Morning Glories boat had sailed without me I was delighted to read a press release from Image highlighting a drop in cover price for the title from issue #7 - $3.50 to $2.99 - and news of the first collected edition for the special introductory price of $9.99 which will be in stores on 16 February 2011, one week before issue #7.

Morning Glories Volume 1: For a Better Future
Trade Paperback (DEC100470), 192 pages, full colour

For more information,
visit the Image Comics website.


Josh said...

This sounds interesting, and I like Image too. I'll probably end up picking up the trades.

Btw Zaius, is Daredevil still good right now? I remember you reccomending it before.

Zaius said...

I've been enjoying Daredevil and Shadowland just recently although with so many books to read I'm a little behind the release schedule.

Good to hear from you and see you posting again Josh [] are you planning to bring your podcast back?

Josh said...

Well in that case I'll try to make room in my pull list.

...and yes, I'm actually in the process of recording Episode 5. I was considering bringing it back again during the summer (actually recorded with my new co-hosts), but I felt it would be better to wait until I felt more comfortable with my schedule. I knew that if I started it then, I would most likely have to stop again.

Noctis said...

As I consider you a reliable connoisseur of comics, I wholly trust your good taste and judgement. Therefore, I have taken your recommendation to heart and ordered both the 6-issue TB and #7 (plus they're on sale now for $5.73 total with a free limited collective book plate over at DCBS).