Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pick(s) of the Week: The Darkness #89 and Twilight Guardian #1

If you're heading out to your local comic book store this weekend then I'd like to recommend you pick up the following couple of titles that are published by Top Cow.

The Darkness #89
story by Joshua Hale Fialkov, art and cover by Matt Timson
32 pages, full colour, $2.99

"High Noon" A Tale Of The Darkness Special.
Ramon Estacado is the worst kinda outlaw. He can't be killed, his gang is a buncha Darklings and he has his sights set on a train fulla federal gold. When his old gang shows up with new demonic powers and an even more powerful grudge, will Ramon embrace the light and change his ways? Ain't likely. Joshua Hale Fialkov (Echoes, Tumor) and Matt Timson (Impaler, Popgun) ride together to bring you a tale of outlaws, double cross and great big exploding trains.

Top Cow handle 'done-in-one' stories really well I think and with Joshua Hale Fialkov and Matt Timson at the helm for this issue how could it fail - did you see the line about the 'great big exploding trains'?!

You can see a number of exclusive preview pages featuring Matt Timson's fantastic artwork over at
Comic Book Resources.

Twilight Guardian #1
story by Troy Hickman, art by Siddharth Kotian, cover by Eric Jones
32 pages, full colour, $3.99

The Pilot Season Winner Returns!

The tale of a lone, dedicated hero patrolling her nine block suburban neighborhood captured the imaginations of fans during 2008’s Pilot Season and after heated voting emerged as one of the winning titles.
Now creator and writer Troy Hickman (Common Grounds) returns with a four issue limited series, which will delve into Twilight Guardian’s past, her motivations for crime-fighting, and even give her an arch-nemesis in the terrifying Dusk Devil! Joining Hickman is up-and-coming artist Siddharth Kotian (Eat The Dead). Issue #1 features a beautiful painted cover by Eric Jones (Hack/Slash, Unknown).

One of the winning titles from Top Cow's Pilot Season in 2008 I've been looking forward to this four-part mini series for a while. Once again, head over to
CBR where you can see a preview of this first issue.

Reviews of both books to follow. More details can be found at
Top Cow and Image Comics.