Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nominations Now Underway for the Annual Eagle Awards

Comic fans here in the UK are currently being asked to submit their nominations for their 'best of 2010' - artists, writers, titles, publishers ... - as part of the annual Eagle Awards which will be awarded at the London MCM Expo on Friday 27 May 2011.

The Eagle Awards comprise two distinct stages - a round of nominations before the final round of voting. Fans have until 7 March to nominate their favourites with the top five nominations in each section qualifying for the final round of voting which gets underway on 14 March.

The winners will be announced on Friday 27 May at the
London MCM Expo, Excel-London, Royal Victoria Dock.

I've already cast my votes - Josh Finney and Kat Rocha's Titanium Rain from Archaia and Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett and Dustin Dguyen's work on DC's Batgirl featured heavily in my nominations as regular visitors to Escape from Tomorrow will expect.

For more background on the Eagle Awards, and to vote for your favourites, visit
the Eagle Awards website.