Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo - Part 3

More sketches and good memories to share with you from the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo over the weekend.

Being based at the Small Press Expo for the weekend you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that one of my 'neighbours' was none other than Karl Richardson who's currently producing great covers for Boom! Studios new Planet of the Apes ongoing series.

Karl very kindly agreed to sketch for me and I really couldn't have been happier with what he produced (click to enlarge the image):

I certainly hadn't anticipated three apes in the picture and I love that Karl gave each one a unique look. The detail in the picture is fantastic I'm sure you'll agree - the deep, piercing eyes; mouths twisted with rage; the primitive insignia through the uniform.

Thanks again Karl.

Likewise based at the Small Press Expo I was very happy to spend some time over the weekend chatting with writer and artist Wayne Hughes, as well as picking up an 'Expo Exclusive' sketch cover preview edition of his comic Sabre.

I first met Wayne at the Exeter Expo earlier this year where I purchased a copy of the first issue of Sabre - a fantasy-adventure story staring a young, naive, yet powerful creature who seeks his destiny while defending his 'people' and their way of life.

Here's Wayne's fantastic sketch of the books eponymous hero (again, click to enlarge the image):

Thanks Wayne - I'm looking forward to hearing more about Sabre over the coming months.