Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Mystery Of Titanium Rain Volume 2

This afternoon I was checking back through a list of my comic book advance orders and I noticed that I'd ordered and am still waiting for the second hardcover collection of Titanium Rain from creators Josh Finney and Kat Rocha and published by Archaia Entertainment.

Ordered last June. That's a year ago!

Titanium Rain was my favourite comic book of 2009 - and I've written about the book and its creators numerous times since then - and I just can't wait to read the second volume.

I started hunting around online to see whether 1) my shop had overlooked my order or 2) the books release had been delayed, in which case I wanted to know when it's due.

Amazon in the UK simply have the book listed as 'Currently unavailable' (incidentally Amazon in the UK are close to selling out of volume 1 again with just 1 copy currently in stock!); likewise at The Book Depository also have the second volume labelled as 'Currently unavailable' while at Wotnix the book is simply listed as being 'Out of stock'.

I was just about to call my comic shop guy when I stumbled upon 'The Mystery Of Titanium Rain Volume 2' over at Bleeding Cool:

On Twitter, comic reader Lonnie Morgan asked comic creator Josh Finney “Amazon delayed my order for Titanium Rain V2 a 3rd time. Any updates u can clue me in on? Target deliv is now June”

Finney responded “While I can’t state why Titanium Rain Vol. 2 is not on shelves yet, I can say that the book has been ready since December… I’m not a liberty to say what the problem is, but I’m hoping to see the book out by June, too. Also, it never hurts to remind my publisher, Archaia that fans REALLY want their Titanium Rain Vol. 2…please, for the love of dog, BE POLITE. Insulting my editors doesn’t NOT help anyone. You can guess why I have to say this.

At which point Archaia CEO PJ Bickett popped by “Josh, all you have to do is send your finished
files so we can finally print it!”

Josh_Finney: “If ONLY it were that easy, PJ.”

PJ Bickett: “Let me know if you need access to our FTP. We can get it going next week!”

Josh Finney: “Okay fans of TITANIUM RAIN, Archaia’s CEO PJ Bickett appears to be implying the only reason Titanium Rain Vol. 2 isn’t printed is because I have not sent him the files. PJ Bickett is entitled to his opinion, but I completely disagree. There are other reasons. Reasons which neither I or PJ Bickett should discuss in a public forum. Although if he wishes to do so, that is his choice.

PJ Bickett then deleted his tweets. And that was the end of it. For now.
So, while this article certainly appears to confirm that volume 2 hasn't yet been printed - sorry I doubted you 'mail order comic shop guy' - I don't really feel I'm any closer to getting my hands on book 2.

I can only hope that something good can come from this publicity and whatever the problems are they can be resolved quickly.