Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New 30 Days of Night Ongoing Series from IDW

Over at CBR there's an interesting interview/discussion with IDW Publishing’s Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall where, amongst many other subjects, Ryall briefly talks about a new a 30 Days of Night ongoing series that launches in October:

"Yeah, we’re trying to get away from these miniseries and let people know every month what’s coming. I think the ongoing thing is helpful for retailers, because they can judge who’s interested month in and month out and then they know what’s important. In a lot of ways, we try to listen to fans and to retailers. Especially in these unsure times, it’s nice to let people know what to expect and base their ordering or their buying patterns off of that. And also I think we’ve finally found a good hook for “30 Days”--there’s been a good story to tell here or there, but there’s never been sort of an ongoing reason for the book to exist, and now we have that and we’re going to be developing good characters--which is another thing “30 Days” has needed--good ongoing characters that you can build a series around. Steve and Sam Kieth are working on that together and giving us that. It seemed like the right time to really make this thing work in a way that I would have liked to see it a while ago."
To read the interview in full head over to CBR.

I'm looking forward to picking up this new Steve Niles and Sam Kieth series - as a result of recent events at DC I'll be dropping a number of the titles that I currently pickup so I'll have one or two 'vancancies' on my pull list.

Continuing the 30 Days of Night theme and next week sees the release of the much anticipated Vertigo/IDW co-published X-Files/30 Days of Night trade paperback written by Steve Niles and Adam Jones with art by Tom Mandrake.

Two of the most popular horror properties of the last two decades collide in this harrowing six-issue adventure of epic proportions. When evidence of a cannibal killer in Alaska draws the attention of the FBI, Mulder and Scully draw the less-than-glamorous assignment. But all is not as it seems. Not only has the long seasonal darkness begun to fall, but there's something unnatural going on. And how is a chilling, mysterious black ship connected to the murders?

[Source: DC Comics/Vertigo]

Running across 144 pages X-Files/30 Days of Night goes on sale on 6 July 2011.