Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out Today: 30 Days of Night #1 - A New Ongoing Series from IDW

My highlight from this weeks new releases is the first issue of a new 30 Days of Night ongoing series written by Steve Niles and featuring art by Sam Kieth.

30 Days Of Night #1
Written by Steve Niles with art by Sam Kieth
Fright-master Steve Niles returns to the creation that launched his career for an all-new 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ongoing series, with warped genius Sam Kieth (creator of THE MAXX) joining in the bloodletting! A letter from Barrow, Alaska, carries a cryptic warning to a young, curious woman, which leads her down the rabbit hole and face-to-face with her desire… and likely her demise. Elsewhere in Los Angeles, a vampire resurrection ignites, which could threaten the very way of life of all mankind. Features an all-new cast characters being introduced to the world of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT for the first time!
32 pages, colour, $3.99

Publisher IDW has offered a preview of the first issue and it looks absolutely fantastic: there are a number of variant covers - I think cover c is my personal favourite - and Sam Kieth's interior art looks amazing.

Head over to to check out the preview pages of the first issue and to the IDW Publishing website for more information about the 30 Days of Night series.