Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pilot Season: City of Refuge from Top Cow

Top Cow's Pilot Season is underway and Newsarama have an exclusive preview of one of this years titles - City of Refuge.

Over a decade after Terminal, the residents of San Francisco live a peaceful and prosperous existence thanks to the Program. Every resident of the city is hand-selected and implanted with the chip Secura, which removes the human capacity for violence to maintain the greater good. Only the city's security forces are allowed a brief reprieve from Secura through use of the drug Freestone in order to do their jobs. Now, rumors of Freestone getting out into the open market threaten to upset the delicate balance keeping humanity from extinction.
Screenwriter MORGAN DAVIS FOEHL and artist DENNIS CALERO (X-Men: Noir) deliver a twist on the classic dystopian future in City of Refuge!

I've been a huge fan of Top Cow's Pilot Season over recent years and this years 'contestants' look like raising the bar once again. City of Refuge sounds like a fantastic concept and the cover and interior art looks stunning.

Pilot Season: City of Refuge #1, written by Morgan Davis Foehl with art and cover by Dennis Calero, is in shops tomorrow.