Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Over the weekend we watched the film 'Taken' on Sky Box Office. I'd seen the trailers and thought it looked pretty good - no more than that - but I have to say I thought it was superb.

Without spoiling the film for you Liam Neeson plays Brian - a guy who's trying to rebuild his relationship with his daughter who he feels he's let down over the years that he was working away from home in his role as a Secret Service agent. When his daughter - Kim - is kidnapped he has to use all of his skills to track her down and rescue her.

For me, this is the film that the 2004 Punisher should have been (and, don't get me wrong, I liked the Punisher) - the lead character is fundamentally a good guy but someone's messed with his family ... so he's going to mess with them. The European location gives the film the feel of one of the Bourne films, with a nod to the Death Wish series.

I won't say any more - watch it on Sky Box Office or pick up the DVD, let me know what you think.