Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My favourite monthly read at the moment - for a little while now in fact - is Witchblade, published by Top Cow.

The series follows the life of New York police detective Sara Pezzini who is the bearer of the Witchblade - a supernatural artefact that carries great powers. The Witchblade has been worn by many woman over the centuries and indeed Pezzini currently shares it with Danielle Baptiste, a young dancer from New Orleans.

The Top Cow universe is populated by demons, dimensional gates, ghosts and magic. As Sara goes about her business she encounters all of these elements and uses the Witchblade to overcome them.

The writing on Witchblade is always to the highest standards of sequential story-telling - at the end of each issue I find myself desperate for the next - while the artwork - both interior and cover - is beautiful and menacing in equal measures.

If you're a long-time comic book reader then chances are you are already reading Witchblade - if you're not or you are new to comics then pick up a copy - you will not be disappointed.

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