Sunday, May 24, 2009

Better as Collected Issues?

This month a couple of my regular monthly titles finished their limited runs - Batman: Gotham After Midnight from DC (12 issue series) and Mirror's Edge from Wilstorm (6 issue series).

I think it's fair to say that neither title really excited me and, to be honest, I probably could have dropped them both some time before their limited runs ended.

It wasn't that there was anything hugely wrong with either book - Batman: Gotham After Midnight was an ok read (albeit the artwork wasn't to my personal taste - I prefer something a little 'sharper') whilst Mirror's Edge had a nice story with very pleasing artwork - it's just that for me they just didn't work well as monthly issues and would probably read better in trades.

After promising early issues - particularly in the case of Mirror's Edge - I found I was leaving reading these titles to last each month - making me wonder at times why I continued to order them. I think this was down to a couple of things - as I say, neither was a bad read and I hoped they might pick up and besides, the collector in me doesn't like an incomplete run.

As I say, I suspect both titles would read quite well as collected editions and I'll probably go back and read them each again in a single sitting some time. If you get the chance to pick these titles up as cheap back issues or as trades then I'd say they are worth a look.