Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to 'Escape from Tomorrow'

Through the pages of 'Escape from Tomorrow' I'll be blogging about some of my interests - namely comic books, film, televison and music - and welcome contributions from visitors through the 'comments' feature at the foot of each post or by email (address details through the profile page).

I've been blogging for the past couple of months over at about these very same subjects plus my thoughts on the days sports news (mainly football and F1), as well as some more 'personal' stuff about my friends and family.

A few weeks ago I decided to split the 'comic culture' comments from the sport/personal comments ... and here we are with the launch of 'Escape from Tomorrow'.

To get things started I've copied over some of my posts from The Savage Rabbit and going forward I'll be previewing and reviewing, talking about some of my favourite creators, promoting other blogs, websites and podcasts.

As a child, Planet of the Apes was always one of my favourites - whether it was the films, the tv series, the innovative music score, the comics - and Escape from Tomorrow is the tile of the first episode from the Planet of the Apes televison show from the 1970s (but you knew that ...) and as such it seemed an appropriate for the blog.

In setting up the blog I was searching for a nice image to accompany my 'Dr Zaius' author profile and I think you'll agree I've unearthed a wonderful portrait by artist Adrian Wright used here courtesy of the good folk at

I've still got one of two bits of layout to adjust but I'm pretty much there. As I say, I'd love you to get involved with the blog - thanks for visiting.

Dr Zaius