Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ron Marz Speaks About The Magdalena and The Angelus

Following on from my post at the end of last month about some of the upcoming Top Cow projects, Ron Marz has been speaking to CBR about two new series he'll be writing - Magdalena and Angelus that will follow on from the events of the War of the Witchblades.

Magdalena will be an ongoing series which is likely to be published in Spring of 2010. The series will feature the current Magdalena, Patience, who at this stage following on from the First Born: Aftermath story, has left the service of the Catholic Church. As we'd expect, the Church aren't happy with her choices and they have to decide whether they want to replace her or bring her back.

No news on an artist for the book although Marz says that Ryan Sook will be a regular cover artist.

Because of its ties with the current Witchblade run, Marz isn't saying too much about Angelus although he did explain that the book will, initially at least, be published as a mini series and if the book is well received with healthy sales there's every possibility of a longer run.

We won't have to wait quite so long for this title: I think we could see it published late this later this year or early next.

The interview makes for interesting reading:
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