Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stjepan Sejic Interviewed by Advanced Photoshop

Imagine Publishing, publishers of Advanced Photoshop magazine, featured artist Stjepan Sejic in a recent issue of their magazine and on their new Advanced Photoshop podcast.

During the 20 minutes or so interview Sejic talks about his earliest directions as a creator, which surprisingly to me centred on writing rather than illustration, through to his future plans involving Witchblade and his own fantasy-adventure project Ravine (from which the image above is taken).

Along the way, Sejic discusses his first work for Top Cow Publishing - The Darkness/Wolverine crossover where he coloured Tyler Kirkham's pencils - which in turn led to working with writer Ron Marz on the First Born event of 2007 and, of course, his current run on Witchblade.

I was particularly interested to hear him talk about his work and plans for Ravine, his creator-owned series, which he describes as an epic fantasy that will be told across twelve 100-page issues (!) over a period of 3 years. Check out the preview art that accompanied an interview that he did with late last year. Sejic explains that he's currently 'stock-pilling' pages of Ravine, to avoid any scheduling conflicts with Witchblade, and expects the first issues to be published next year. Having heard him talk about it on the podcast and seen the preview pages I can't wait - it should be superb.

The second half of the podcast focuses on the production side of illustrating comics - his appreciation of digital tools, aspects of creating brushes and using filters within Photoshop as well as the logistics of living in Croatia whilst working for a publisher based in America.

This first issue of the Advanced Photoshop podcast was a very interesting listen.