Friday, October 30, 2009

"I'm Gonna Need A Hacksaw"

Whenever I see Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer I think of this line from the first episode of season 2 of 24. Jack appears to be a beaten man - his CTU career is over, he's seen his daughter kidnapped, his wife murdered ... he just didn't have anything else left to lose.

What happened before Jack uttered those words set the tone for the show from that point onwards I think: anything is possible!

Six or seven years later and the show is onto the eighth series and for me everything about the show - the acting, the writing, production - is just as strong as it was during those early episodes.

Earlier this week Fox released what I believe is the first trailer for 'day 8' and it looks like we're in for another great series.

24 Season 8 premieres January 2010.