Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Batgirl to Oracle: the Barbara Gordon Podcast

Following on with the Batgirl theme, over the weekend I was pleased to see a new podcast downloading when I opened my iTunes: Batgirl to Oracle: the Barbara Gordon Podcast.

The show is hosted by Stella, who some of us will know from the Spider-man Crawl Space podcast and website, where she is a co-host and moderator.

In this first 25-minute episode our host introduces herself, tackles the question 'why Barbara?', highlights her expectations for the show, talks about some Batgirl news before reviewing Detective Comics #359 and the recently relaunched Batgirl #1. The plan is to release an episode every month, or more frequently as time and circumstances allow.

With the feel of a prequel or 'zero issue' this episode has really whetted my appetite for forthcoming programmes and I'm looking forward to finding out more about Barbara Gordon and Batgirl.

I’ve added the Batgirl to Oracle blog to the Escape From Tomorrow Blog List of recommended sites (right) and from here you can listen to the podcast or subscribe directly through iTunes.

One to follow - recommended.


Stella said...

Thank-you Zaius, I greatly appreciate you comments!