Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome Home Kitty

Kitty Pryde returns to the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #522 - due out in March - and to celebrate Marvel have released this trailer:

Uncanny X-Men #522
Written by Matt Fraction with art by Whilce Portacio
Published by Marvel, 17 March, 40 pages

This should see me picking up 'Uncanny' again - welcome home Kitty!


Josh said...

Yep, this IS good news. I'll probably also start picking up 'Uncanny' starting in March. I'm only a casual X-Men fan anyways, I'm not very consistent when it comes to them.

Zaius said...

Thanks for the comment Josh.

I'm naturally drawn towards 'solo' books rather than 'team' books myself and as such I find I'm constantly dipping into X-Men but never sticking around for any length of time. That said, Kitty is one of my favourite characters so I'll start picking the book up again and maybe this time stick with it for a while!