Thursday, January 14, 2010

One, Two, Three Reveals for Bat-Books

Wednesday was a real bonus day for Bat-fans over at DC's The Source - not one, not two, but three superb preview images from forthcoming books. Click on the images to enlarge them.

First up, Andy Kubert's (uncoloured) cover for
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1.

The six part mini-series, arriving in April, looks very interesting to say the least - click here for more information and sketches.

Next up was a double-page spread from
Detective Comics #861 from Jock. Written by Greg Rucka, the issue will be in stores at the end of January.

Very nice indeed.

If these reveals weren't enough there was news that writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes will reunite to launch a new series of
Birds of Prey.

The preview of Benes's art looks amazing and Simone has some exciting plans for the book that she talks about over at AOL Comics Alliance.

CBR also had some preview pages from Batgirl #6 on Tuesday this week but I'm avoiding those until I've read the issue!