Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Batgirl/Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon Drawn by Lee Garbett

Over the past weekend I attended the Exeter Comic Expo held in the beautiful city of Exeter in Devon, South West England.

The event was organised by
Fantasy Events, who are also responsible for the Expo held each May in the city of Bristol.

Along with a great range of dealers with everything from toys and t-shirts, collected editions and longboxes full of back issues (6 for £1 - you can't go wrong can you?) there were a number of my favourite artists and writers in attendance.

I was particularly pleased to meet and spend some time talking with Lee Garbett - who's currently working on the Batgirl book of course. Over a period of 25 minutes or so (I think it felt longer to the chap behind me in the queue!) we chatted as he sketched these AMAZING pictures (I hope my scanner has done justice to the images)

Some great souvenirs of what was a great day.


S said...

It bears repeating how cool this is! You're very lucky to have met him, and Batgirl readers are very lucky to have him as artist!

Josh said...

I saw your post at TBU forums. 1 word: Awesome!

Zaius said...

Thanks guys - I do indeed feel very fortunate to have met and chatted with Lee and for the opportunity to own these awesome pictures.

Both Lee and Phil Noto will be at another show local to me in May of this year - I'm looking forward to that as you can imagine!