Sunday, March 21, 2010

Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast - Episode 5

One of my favourite and 'most-looked-forward-to' podcasts returns with Episode 5 of Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast.

In this episode our host Stella is joined for a news update by BtO Watchtower correspondent Kimberley Rockmore - who, judging by her accent, was born in Delhi, university educated at Oxford and has spent most of her adult life working in Johannesburg! - discusses the latest Batgirl news, including some collectibles that are soon to be released. Stella also talks about what topics she would like Gail Simone to tackle in the forthcoming relaunch of Birds of Prey, and who exactly IS Barbara's arch-nemesis?

Also in this hour-long episode she reviews Detective Comics #371, Justice League of America #60, Brave and the Bold #78, and the more recently released Batgirl #7.

The episode closes with Stella's literature recommendation, the unveiling of the Batgirl to Oracle: The Message Board, and a special guest appearance by Bubba Moose, who performs a birthday rap that has to be heard to be believed - quite extraordinary!

Really entertaining, really informative -
Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast.


S said...

Haha, I love the way you described Kimberely's accent! I'll be sure to work on that! ;)