Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Episodes of Batgirl to Oracle and The Wolverine Berserker Podcasts

A couple of my favourite podcasts recently released their latest episodes:

Stella returns with episode 4 of Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast, during which she answers numerous questions that have been submitted by listeners and discusses, along with special guest Kevin Cushing, the nine issue mini-series Batgirl: Year One, touching on the heavy foreshadowing, Barbara's relationship with Dick Grayson, Marcos Martin's ingenious art, and how old Babs is.

At the close of her longest episode yet - over 2 hours - Stella leaves us with her literary recommendation as well as a little tease!

Having only recently reread Batgirl: Year One I found this feature particularly interesting - Stella and Kevin raised some interesting points that I hadn't previously considered and pointed out one or two little 'Easter Eggs' that had previously passed me by.

Over at The Wolverine Berserker Podcast Josh explores the latest Wolverine news, reviews Wolverine Punisher Volume 1, Matsuo Tsurayaba is featured in the Character Bio (one of my favourite features in the show) and this episodes classic Wolverine issue is Wolverine Volume 2, #10. Josh also reveals a new segment for the show where he'll cover all the trade paperbacks from the start of Wolverine Vol.3 up until present day.

Thanks to Josh's podcast I'm rediscovering Wolverine through his reviews and character bios and I'm even starting to pick up some of the books again.

Both shows are highly recommended and unmissable!