Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hawk and Dove ... Birds of Prey

So, how was you Easter weekend? Having returned home after a few days away I'm slowly catching up on email and a long weekend worth of comic, film and pro-cycling news courtesy of Google Reader.

Just before the weekend, and following the conclusion of Blackest Night (... don't tell me, I'm a little behind with some of my reading!) DC have
released previews of some first issue covers from Brightest Day.

Unsurprisingly, the cover for Birds of Prey particularly caught my attention - we'd already been treated to a sneak-peak of image but with a couple of figures blacked-out and this new preview reveals that the two mystery figures are none other than [ ... drum roll ...] Hawk and Dove.

Through all the speculation over the past couple of months since the censored cover was released I don't think I read the names Hawk and Dove - I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have been my first choices but I'm open to the idea and I'm intrigued to see how they contribute to the team.

Birds of Prey #1 is published May 2010.