Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Worth Waiting For - The Darkness #85

Regular visitors to Escape from Tomorrow will know just how much I enjoy the Top Cow Universe - so much so that I'm prepared to 'work with' the occasional shipping delay ...

The Top Cow Universe has always felt rich and deep enough to draw me in and to keep me engaged without ever making me feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of back-story or the number of characters.

This week I'm particularly looking forward to picking up The Darkness #85: having previously been reading The Darkness in trade I started picking up the single issues about this time last year.

At times I've found my approach a little confusing - reading the old alongside the new - but on the whole it's made for a great read - never more so than during the current run from writer Phil Hester.

The Darkness #85
Written by Phil Hester with art by Sheldon Mitchell and cover by Aaron Campbell
Alkonost, Part 1 of 2!
When Jackie's mission to destroy all of the Sovereign's host bodies brings him into the collection of an eccentric Russian crime boss, he and his crew are confronted with an evil that is all too human. Top Cow Pit artist Sheldon Mitchell (Pilot Season: Stealth) joins regular writer Phil Hester (Gen13, The Anchor) for a sinister two-part story. Featuring a cover by Aaron Campbell (Sherlock Holmes, Green Hornet)!
Published by Top Cow Productions, 32 pages, full colour, $2.99

Newsarama have published a number of preview pages of The Darkness #85 through their website comic-viewer.