Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vote Now for 'Pilot Season 2010'

Voting is now underway for Top Cow's Pilot Season 2010 allowing readers to vote for their favourite title out of the five one-shots that were published this past month.

Pilot Season is the annual initiative Top Cow began in 2007 that borrows its concept from the television industry: 'Pilots' are submitted for consideration to be 'picked up for a season': and it’s the fans who decide by voting online.

Polling stations are now set up at the Top Cow website with additional polling stations appearing on various comics news sites, blogs and social media platforms - Escape from Tomorrow readers can click on the 'Vote Now' image below to cast their vote, and readers can vote multiple times a day up until the polls close on Tuesday 30 November 2010.

Here are the titles in contention this year along with a campaign plea from each book’s writer(s):

39 MINUTES by William Harms
Robbing a bank is easy – it's the getaway that's hard. So what's the solution? Kill everyone in town.
“By voting for 39 Minutes, you’ll give a voice to all of the poor downtrodden bank robbers of the world. If you don’t speak for them, who will?”

ASSET by Filip Sablik
Pat Benatar was wrong, love isn't a battlefield. Love is a weapon.
“Asset is about the dangerous side of love in the digital age. You meet that perfect person online thanks to next generation personality profiling and everything is hearts and flowers. Only they aren’t your perfect match, they’re an enemy spy and they’re going to get you killed. Vote for me, David Marquez and Bill Farmer if you’ve ever been punched in the jeans by love.”

FOREVER by Brad Ingelsby
Who can stop a biotech corporation that is stealing life from the less fortunate and giving it to those with means?
“I think we’ve created a world and a central mystery that people will want to return to. The history of Longevity and its miracle drug Forever is inextricably linked to Ryan’s personal history which should make for a thrilling journey, full of surprises.”

CROSSHAIR by Jeff Katz
I have 48 hours to kill the president of the United States. And the only man that can stop me – is me.
“Crosshair should win because it's classic action hero style wish fulfillment with a paranoid psychological thriller twist. Justin Weller is a true man of action who protects his family and his honor at all costs and is the type of hero our ever more dangerous world needs right now.”

7 DAYS FROM HELL by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin
Redemption can take a lifetime. John Bishop only has 7 days from ending up in Hell.
“Phil Noto. ‘Nuff said.”

Previews for each book are available at the Top Cow website.