Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paul Levitz Talks About The Huntress

One of the bright spots over recent issues of DC's Birds of Prey title has, for me, been the focus on Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress.

As I've acknowledged elsewhere, in the past I've probably been guilty of underestimating the character, dismissing her as a fairly shallow, 'hit-now-ask-questions-later', character. One of the things that fan-favourite Gail Simone has done well while writing Birds of Prey is present Helena as a strong, determined, complex individual ... and to my great disappointment she didn't appear to have much of a future in the DCnU.

Then there was news of a six-issue mini-series launching in October reuniting the character with her original creator Paul Levitz.

Yesterday CBR ran a very interesting, and lengthy, interview with Levitz during which he explained what readers should expect from the series; he makes some interesting comparisons between his Huntress and comic strip heroine Modesty Blaise and he explains some of the thinking behind setting the series in Italy.

With Marcus To taking care of interior art and Guillem March providing the cover for the first issue I'm certainly looking forward to this mini-series which launches in October. Read the interview in full here at Comic Book Resources.