Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stephanie Brown's Last Hurrah as Batgirl

When my monthly comic delivery arrives tomorrow the first book I'll read - as always - will be Batgirl, issue #24. However, it'll be a particularly bittersweet read I'm sure as this will, of course, be the last of Stephanie Brown's adventures as Batgirl before DCs 'refresh' next month which will see Barbara Gordon returning to the role.

Very appropriately two of the creators who launched Steph's run as Batgirl have paid their own tributes to the young woman affectionately described by Clancy Johnson/The Grey Ghost as the "Violet Avenger".

Bryan Q. Miller talked at length with Comic Book Resources during which he reflected on his time as the writer of Batgirl while discussing the end of Stephanie's time as the female Caped Crusader.

Artist Lee Garbett tweeted what he described as a "quick sketch in honor of Stephanie Brown's last day as Batgirl today ...":

I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone reading this post just how much I've enjoyed Batgirl over the past couple of years: to Messrs Miller and Garbett; to Phil Noto, who's covers to the first few issues of the title immediately drew me to the book; to all the fantastically talented creators that have worked on the book over the past couple of years I simply want to say a heartfelt "thank you".


Simon Breeze said...

A very sad day indeed. I will miss Steph a great deal. Her character (and the creative team behind her) managed to take the role of Batgirl and make it hers. In my mind this is the best the character of Batgirl has been for a long time. I truly hope there is a place for Steph in the 'new' DCU.