Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kryptographik: 'Dekrypting Graphik Kulture'

About a year ago I started listening to a podcast called Kryptographik, which very quickly became a 'must listen' for me featuring, as it did, news, reviews, commentary and interviews about horror, dark fantasy and science-fiction across a variety of different media: television, film, comics, novels, websites ... you name it.

Having settled into a routine of two episodes a month the shows regrettably stopped in October 2008 as the hosts - Damian (based in Australia) and Brian (in the US) - explained that because of work and family commitments they would be taking a break.

Therefore it was a nice surprise a couple of weeks ago when my iTunes podcast-feed started to download a new episode of the show.

The podcast is accompanied by a website - - that has a well informed, busy forum; recommended reading via the Kryptographik Bookstore; along with links to other sites and podcasts that will be of interest.

I enjoy the hosts approach to the show: they speak knowledgeably and enthusiastically about their subjects, their style is laid-back and light-hearted. The two men have a good rapport with one another and, if I didn't know otherwise, I'd be sure they were sat together in a room.

If you're not already, this would be a good point to start following Kryptographik.

Episode 28 could be considered the 'relaunch' epsiode as the hosts tell us a bit about themselves, what they've been up to since last August and talk about indie films, writing projects for and, what they picked up on Free Comic Book Day as well as some recommended upcoming comic releases.

Episode 29 - released on Monday this week - focuses largely on new and forthcoming film releases: Transformers 2, Public Enemies, Moon, The Final Destination, Terminator: Salvation, Drag Me To Hell, Halloween 2, Pandorum, The Surrogates, Inglorious Bastards, Tim Burton's 9, Sherlock Holmes, The Road, Sorority Row, Whiteout and Zombieland.

The shows can be streamed or downloaded directly from the website or through iTunes.

Welcome back Kryptographik.