Thursday, March 25, 2010

Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Message Board

If you haven't yet listened to the latest episode of the Batgirl to Oracle podcast then I'd like to point you in the direction of the shows blog where our host Stella has revealed ... Batgirl to Oracle: The Message Board.

Over recent weeks a number of friends of the show have been beta-testing the message board and feeding back comments and suggestions to Stella and fellow administrator and friend Noctis. As a result, friends of the show old and new now have a fantastic forum to discuss their thoughts on all things Batgirl ... and beyond.

There are boards to discuss the latest episode of the podcast, reviews and discussion around the current Batgirl Stephanie Brown as well as Babs role in comics including her role as Oracle, there's a place for TV and film chat, fan-art and fan-fiction ... there's even an 'everything else' section if you just want to talk about something close to your heart (and I'm particularly looking forward to the Pro Road Cycling thread!).

On a personal note, I'm feel very proud to have been asked to contribute my regular Batgirl reviews to the site, as well as reviews of the forthcoming return of the Birds of Prey series.

The board has only been 'open for business' a short time and already a really nice community of fans has gathered and every new member is made welcome.

Stop by the
Batgirl to Oracle message board, sign-up and join in.